Friday, 27 April 2012

Lets Start with Start‏

Very important information here regarding Start Mortgages. This was sent to us us via email. Proof exists that they did indeed securitise mortgages/loans

Some time ago,

we started researching

Mortgage Securities and Mortgage Pools.

As luck would have it, just two years on, we have proof that

START MORTGAGES did in fact securitise loans/mortgages.

We now have unadulterated proof to see an end to Start Mortgages.

The information and evidence we have gathered is spectacular.


Start Mortgages DID Securitise Loans/Mortgages.

With the help and assistance of some very dedicated and diligent researches,

within and without the banking fraternity, we now have a comprehensive list of

which Loans/Mortgages that Start specifically securitised.

If you were or are with Start Mortgages, not that we would wish that upon anyone,

the mortgage that Start are chasing you for might be on this list we have acquired.


If so, it WILL be in your interest to contact us,

as Soon as Possible on: 086 2411 888

Our aim, with your help, would be to ...


We are in the process of gaining access to ALL of the

"other" Banks documents, pertaining to securitisation

(not just the prospectus), in the "Republic of Ireland",

"Northern Ireland" and in the "UK".

In the coming weeks and months ahead we will

facilitate group specific meetings on this matter.

If you are interested in attending one of these meetings, please email us with

"Sue the .......... Bank", in the subject box. Letting us know which specific bank.

You can see below, a small sample of some of the documents, that WE

& our dedicated research team have been lovingly (sic) tralling through.


Today the 25th. April 2012 AD

in and of itself is a Watershed.

Today the 25th. April marks the day when Start Mortgages become

consciously aware, as will most banks on OUR ISLAND, that their time

here is limited. It marks the beginning of the end of Banking as they know it ...

WE have a spectacular body of work ahead of us, and it will take all the energy and

courage that we can individually and collectively muster to route these pillagers

and financial rapists off of our island.


Therefore ...

Contact "The Common Law Society" today via phone or email:

086 2411 888 |

Please do get this email out to ALL your friends and family.

Ask them to download the FREE eBook:



Des: of the family Carty

The Common Law Society

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