Sunday, 21 December 2014

We Stand with Bernadette Smyth!

See their Press Release.


Brain-Dead Woman Has Healthy Baby

This baby turned 21 last August. Here in Ireland the pro-abortion lobby is exploiting yet again.

Brain-Dead Woman Has Healthy Baby

August 04, 1993
OAKLAND — A "bouncing baby boy" was delivered by Cesarean section here Tuesday, 104 days after his mother was declared brain-dead from a shooting.
Doctors at Highland General Hospital said the baby was born four weeks premature and developed some respiratory problems, but doctors said they expect him to do well.
"This is a miracle," Dr. Richard Fulroth said of the 4-pound, 15-ounce baby. "The baby is a nice, fully developed male infant."
Doctors said they knew of only one other fetus that had lived longer inside the womb of a brain-dead mother. In that case some years ago in Vermont, the mother had been brain-dead since about the 16th week of pregnancy.

Christmas Message and Review of 2014!

2014 has been an incredibly busy year and has gone very quickly.  There was a number of encouraging developments. An example of this is several visits and activity in Belfast. Many people there are interested in our work and many projects will develop there in 2015.

As a network believing in community action there was no shortage of activity around the country. Opposition to the water tax and charge has united communities. Many people are interested in establishing Community Action Councils in their area. This will be developed in 2015.

Community Action Councils was a big part of the leaflet put out prior to the local elections. The 'Party is Over' leaflet went out and was well received. This leaflet also encouraged home schooling and a campaign of going 'back to the land'.

Without the family, without children there is no society. Along with others our network has been to the forefront in defending the unborn child and the family. To attack the unborn and the family is to attack the Nation.

Several leaflets were distributed during 2014. These included 'Understanding Economics', 'Facts regarding Usury', An 'Intro to Distributism', Please supply an email address if you would like a leaflet on a particular topic.

2014 has been a busy year fighting debt and the banks. Banks like government are certainly unpopular. There have been a number of victories against the banks in favour of the people.

As Catholics it was a busy year propagating the social teachings and engaging in social action. From pro-life rallies to fighting banks and water tax, it has been a busy year.

With study and education central  to the struggle 2014 saw many books and articles shared. In some areas activists have established libraries. Reading and study is vital for restoration Christian order.

2015 will be a battle.Christ did tell us to take up our cross daily. I would like to conclude this brief message and review by mentioning Fr Denis Fahey. 2014 is of course the 60th anniversary of his death. Study and read his works and apply them.  Pray, Study, Act.

Happy Christmas

Friday, 12 December 2014

Gardai prevent access to Kildare Street

On 10th December Kildare Street (Dublin) was closed to the people. Video here from Counter Culture.

Gardai prevent access to Kildare Street

Scene at Kildare Street

Thousands March in Dublin!

T&A which is neither left or right was represented at the recent march in Dublin. Irish Water and Water Metering must be scrapped.

Anti Water Charges Protest Dublin